Free House

free house n. Brit. A public house or inn which is not owned or controlled by a particular brewery and which is therefore not restricted as to the range of beers it may sell. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Our namesake has two inspirations. First is the old English definition of a free house, because we are at liberty to serve and showcase unique craft beers, instead of restricting ourselves to just one brewery. Secondly, we tip our hat to the role this building played in the Free Speech Movement of the early 1960’s. Formerly owned by the Presbyterian Church, our dining room was a haven for students’ self expression when the organizers of the FSM were not allowed to congregate on campus.

We enjoy simple food, made from fresh local ingredients. Proletariat food that has sustained working people over the years.

We are located adjacent to UC Berkeley campus at the corner of Bancroft Avenue and College Avenue. Cozy up around the fire pit on the front patio, enjoy seated meal or chat with our friendly bartenders.

We take reservations for our private dining rooms. Our private dining room is perfect for a lunch or dinner event for up to 12 people. Also our pool table can be used for standing room events or as a table for 20 people.

For large parties or buy outs, please contact one of our managers for details.

To inquire, contact us at 510-647-2300 or

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